The Kyle Collection In All Its Glory

Posted by Kristyn Edwards on

The Kyle collection was designed by our in house designer, Jeff Austin. As a way to combat depression and anxiety during the Covid-19 quarantine, Austin decided to take a creative approach to aid his mental health. This is the first installation of this collection consists of various handmade bandana bags that are unisex. With the Kyle collection, 3% of our sales are going towards the foundation, Black Mental Health Matters. The reason for this is because the black suicide rates have reached an all time high in the U.S. and are being ignored by mainstream media.

Cede Supply will be donating 3% of sales from the Kyle collection to the @black_minds_matter_  organization. 

BMHA serves the community and organizations throughout the DMV area by providing workshops and forums covering a range of topics and subjects. They also offer the community an opportunity to connect with culturally-competent and patient-centered licensed mental health clinicians through their  expansive referral database.